A Lesson In Love
Lesson in love
A Lesson In Love

A Lesson In Love

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Plot SummaryEdit

Helen Kane stars as "Helen Lane", a college student who has a crush on her psychology teacher Professor Hotchiss (or "Professor "Hot Kiss" as Helen bumbles. The professor however is short-tempered with helen because she's such a poor student. She disrupts the classroom with students' laughter that he kicks her out of the class. However Later at the school dance Helen can't get over her feelings for Professor Hotchiss. Helen bump's into the professor and they both confess they're love for one another. Helen then begins to sing for the professor "I Love Myself Cause You Love Me" after her performance the professor proposes for her hand in marriage to which she accepts.


  • This was Helen Kane's final film.
  • The character Helen plays second name Lane is a pun on Helen's real second name which was Kane.


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