The Messrs. Shubert will present for a return engagement “A Night in Spain”, the glittering revue, at the Majestic Theatre during the week beginning tomorrow.

In addition to the popular favorites seen here earlier in this revue, there will be seen Brennan and Rogrs and Teddy Claire.  The other favorites are Ted and Betty Healy, Georgie Price, Grace Hayes, La Meri, Ted Claire, Helba Guara, Walter Johnson, Lola Haine, Tripolitoif and Smirnova, Rhea Mason, Tito Coral, Grace Bowman, Rita Montaner, Bert Gardner, Jimmy Trainer, George Trainor, Shemp Howard, Pilar Leredo, Fanny Todd Mitchell, Helen Kane, Selby Galloway, the Rondalla Quartet and scores of other favorites.  

One of the features is the appearance of two groups of dancing girls in the one production including the celebrated Gertrude Hoffman Girls and the Foster Girls.

The book was written by Harold Atteridge, music by Jean Schwartz, lyrics by Al Bryan, staged by Gertrude Hoffman and Charles Judels.  Memories who saw the play like “The Last Warming” “The Bat” and “The Cat and the canary” will readily recognize the reason of keeping the plot of a new play something a secret.

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