Aw! C'mon Whatta Got to lose? written in 1930 for the movie "Dangerous Nan Mcgrew", performed by Helen Kane.


thumb|right|291px|Aw! C'mon Whatta Got to Lose? - Dangerous Nan Mcgrew (1930)

Honey you will drive me frantic, tell me what's this all about?

Why are you so bashful Honey? even when the lights are out!

Aw! C'mon, Whatta Got to Lose! Why'd you give the baby the blues!

Cant you caster my direction some of the affection im missing! Poop Poopy Doo!

Oh were all alone, Whatta Got to Lose what are you gaining when you refuse!

Aw! your acting like a stranger, is there any danger in kissing?


You know, you see im no demon, but i can do what she never could do!

Oh she had charm, but she had no arms! and i've got two and a Boop-Boop-a-Doop!

Oh Aw! C'mon Honey!

Whatta Got to lose

I've got some lips that you refuse!

I will start to doubt your gender, if you dont surrender and love me!

Oh! Poop-Boop-e-Doo!

Aw! C'mon Now Honey, Whatta Got to Lose!

Why you always missing your cue's, At least i might start to mention that i want attention, and freeze up!

Oh! Boop-Oop-e-Doo!

Aw! C'mon Now Honey, Whatta Got to Lose!

What you doing? you reading the news!

Say if you want some information, Stop your hesitation and squeeze me!

(Squeeze Me Honey!)

Oh were both human! but i can see that im more human than you!

You know if you dont like my kisses you know what i can do?, I can't Poo-Poo-Poo-Poopy-Doo!

Aw! C'mon Now Honey, Whatta Got to Lose! Whatta gaining when you refuse!

Wont you give your little baby! give your little baby some loving!

Poop-Poop-a-Doo! Poo!

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