Chubby, doll-faced Helen Kane, Who wants to play serious movie roles is making goo-goo eyes at the muse of tragedy.

The girl who boop-a-dooped her way from Brooklyn to the big leagues of entertainment doesn’t believe, however, that she is going to make the grade.

People can’t seem to take me seriously” she said. “I’m plump. And I’ve got a baby face".

“You understand, it was my appearance and the tones of my voice that made me so piopuler,” she said. “I could sing songs, often a little daring. And people just laughed, I know exactly why, They were thinking to themselves, She's just a little kid, and doesn’t know what she’s saying.

“It’s the same laught you get when a child says something naughty".

“Now mind you, I’m not ungrateful for-well that fate of becoming a baby face. I made a fourtune, most of which I still have, and there are so many things I can do,. She spoke of contracts for broadcasting and recording offers to appear in the movies, to go to London and paris. “ I still get a lot of fan mail, she said, and a recent tour proved to me my popularity, But I don’t want to Boop-a-Doop anymore, I want to be serious!

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