Hot-cha! Boop-a-Doop! Real lowdown blues.

In other words Baby Rose Marie is back on the air. This eight year old veteran trouper probably is singing over an NBC as you read this for she brings her moanin' blues to the air each Sunday noon.  If the juvenile broadcaster sounds a bit nervous or excited it is because she is thinking of that big pink-dressed doll that she found under the Christmas tree this morning.

Even though the little boop-a-doop warbler has been a radio and vaudeville headliner for six of her eight years, she has the likes and dislikes of any normal child her age.

A Christmas doll gives her a greater thrill than any exclusive network contract with a coffee manufacturer. She even suggested cancelling her Christmas day broadcast so she could stay home with the new toys and later the turkey, cranberry sauce and mince pie. But Rose Marie is a veteran trouper who believes that the show must go on so she agreed to let other things wait until she returned from the studios.  

Baby Rose Marie has her friends too. Recently a newspaper wanted photographs of the child star at home, which is in Manhattan's Est Side where she lives with her father, mother and little brother.  The photographers arrived at the home.

"Rose Marie", they asked can't you get some of your playmates to come over for the picture?

"Sure" she responded and ran around the corner. Five minutes later she reappeared leading a veritable army of street urchins, all her "pals" and admirers.

"Is this enough?" she asked the amazed cameramen.

Baby Rose Marie is an interesting person with an interesting life history. She has been described as "the girl who looks like Helen Kane" and "the Sophie Tucker of tomorrow." She says she never intends to retire but expects to keep right on as Miss Tucker has done. Otherwise she thinks little about the future. She leaves that to her father Frank Curley who played in Forty-five Minutes From Broadway and others hits.


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