Dangerous Nan Mcgrew, comedy with Helen Kane, Victor Moore, Stuart Erwin and Frank Morgan.  Edit

Clara Bow and Frederic March in "True to the Navy" at Loew's theaters. Top: Stuart Erwin and Helen Kane in "Dangerous Nan Mcgrew" at the Albee. Helen Kane otherwise known as the boop-boop-a-doop girl comes to to Albee Theater this week in the Brooklyn premiere of her first starring screen vehicle, "Dangerous Nan Mcgrew."    In this travesty on the wide open spaces, the story is told of a traveling medicine show with the Canadian North-west mounted police.  Klondlike comedy characters, and with wealthy city folk vacationing at a luxurious hunting lodge in the wilderness. A large supporting cast, including Stuart Erwin, Victor Moore and Louise Hale and James Hall, assist Helen Kane in this riotous comedy.  

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