It may have happened this way, someone told buttoned faced Cindy Ball she bears a strong resemblance to 20s sensation and Betty Boop inspiration Helen Kane. She does or maybe she noticed it herself. However she came to notice the darling similarity, she's now impersonating the wide-eyed beestung-lipped showbiz cutie with true flair and did so in her recent Don't Tell Mama show, "Boop-Boop-a-Doop girl!" She's so intent on maintaining the illusion that she had three confederates in flapper outfits greeting guests.  It was like insinuating your way into a speakeasy. In a little girl voice that sounds made of cotton candy, Ball sang songs associated with her idol "I wanna Be Loved By You" (Harry Ruby-Herbety Stothart-Bert Kalmar) Is There Anything Wrong in That? Button Up Your Overcoat.

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