Blanche Bow of "Big Boy" Sings Baby Songs at Loew's Valencia  (1929)Edit

Blanche Bow, the little girl with the baby voice who was rushed from New York by special train early in May totake the place of Helen Kane in Dan Healy's Good Boy company when Helen made her sudden exit is being featured this week in the stage presentation at Loew's Valencia Theater, Merrick road and Jamaica avenue, Jamaica. Blanche saved the day for Healy and Arthur Hammerstien the producer of "Good Boy" when it looked as if the production would have to close because of the sudden dissapearance of Helen.  Blanche is giving the patrons of Loew's Valencia a reat treat this week with her baby voice singing many of the songs made famous in "Good Boy".  Bobby Gillette the youthful master of ceremonies at the Valencia is proving an apt assistant to Blanche in putting over some of her cute little numbers with her baby voice that has made her one of the seasons sensations on Broadway.

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