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Bonnie Poe (October 15, 1912 - October 16, 1993) was an American actress who was hired by the Fleischer Studios to play the live role of Betty Boop in Hollywood on Parade No. A-8 opposite Bela Lugosi. She also provided the voice for Betty Boop in many of her cartoons from 1933 -1934 & lastly in 1938.


  • During the $250000 Infringement lawsuit Bonnie testified against Helen Kane, stating that Betty Boop & her voice was not a caricature of Helen Kane.
  • Bonnie Poe is often mistaken for Helen Kane & Mae Questel, when she appeared live as Betty Boop in Hollywood on Parade No. A-8.
  • She was also hired as a Helen Kane look-alike.
  • Bonnie Poe sings live in Rambling Round Radio Row (1934), and sings as herself in her Betty Boop voice.
  • Bonnie Poe, was falsely credited for The Van Beuren Studio's cartoon voiceovers, the actual person who recorded for those cartoons was Margie Hines.
  • Bonnie Poe also did the voice for Olive Oyl in 1933,1934 & 1938.



  • Bonnie Poe died from complications connected to pneumonia in 1993.

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