New York - Helen to Hollywood. There her films Kane, whose gay little girl's voice brought her salaries of up to $8,000 voice made the phrase "Boop" 8,000 a week. Boop-a-Doop a part of the leg end of the Roraring 20's died Monday at 62 after a 10-year battle with cancer.

She succumbed at her home in Jackson Heights, Queens only hours after watching a television revival of "Three Little Words" a movie in which she sand "I Wanna Be Loved By you" her biggest hit.

Dan Healy her husband said she really got a great kick out of hearing her voice coming our loud and clear.  The Boop-Boop-a-Doop refrain that Miss Kane made a part of most of her songs had its birth in 1928 when she was appearing at New York's Paramount Theater.  She inserted the line at rehearsal and it was a hit as soon as the public heard it.

Helen Kane: " I don't know why I did it." she once told an interviewer. "It just came out like that."  The line Miss Kane's squeaky-voiced gaiety carried her.

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