New York (AP) Remember when Helen Kane sang Boop-Boop-a-Doop back in 1928? Well, the onetime voice of Betty Boop in the movie cartoons is living in an apartment in the Jackson Heights section of New York City now, hoping for a comeback.  "I feel fine now, thank you" said Miss Kane, who has had four operations for cancer in the past seven years, the last one Dec 6. She says she's finishing a book about her career and wants to do some television and has had some offers for a movie about her life.


She still speaks in that piping voice that sounds as if she's suppressing a laugh.

Miss Kane who made 14 movies for  Paramount saw one of them on television not long ago.


I was the peppy one, I was the flapper she said, There I was looking about 16 laughing and jumping on and off horses.  Her last movie was Heads Up with Buddy Rogers in 1932.  Miss Kane's first big success was with Paul Ash an orchestra leader at New York's Paramount Theater in 1928. She'd already done dramatic stock appeared in night clubs with the four Marx Brothers and Schubert revues.  After 10 auditions for Ash they let her sing one song in the show,  Theyn they put in more songs after the fourth day they put my name in lights I used to sit in a coffee shop across the street and look at it.


Miss Kane has been married for 35 years to Dan Healy who was her leading man in Good Boy the show in which she sand I Wanna Be Loved By you. (Boop-Boop-a-Doop)

He's a very talented young man said Miss Kane and added:

I'm not near that age don't put down any fancy age for me it's not that long ago.


  • Helen was mistaken for being the voice of Betty Boop when she made her comeback as the character Betty Boop had been long since retired, until she was rediscovered in the 1980's.

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