1. Her Mimic in films is shown in court.

2. Helen claims her style was stolen.

3. Asks $250.000 Damages from Paramount Publix & Injuction against the use of her ideas.

A Boop-less Betty flickered silently across the wall of supreme court justice Mcgoldrick's chambers today as Helen Kane sought to show that the animated cartoon character has copied $250.000 worth of her Boop-Boop-a-Doop style.

Miss Kane who claims to be the original booper is suing paramount publix and creator of Betty Boop Max Fleischer, creator of Betty Boop, and is seeking a injuction to stop her pen & ink mimic.

Alternaly pouting and giggling the actress-singer watched a few Betty Boop cartoons, and then filmed a version of how she boop's.

* Jurist Watches Closely

Justice Mcgoldrick also watched and took notes to help him decide whether Betty Boop uses unfair competition. It was strictly a silent performance the court having ruled against any audible "booping". Miss Kane's attorneys strove vainly to have the sound effects included. Saying they wish to show how Betty Boop has simulated our voice and our style.

Judge Mcgoldrick ruled any booping in court would be incompetent , immaterial and irrelivent.

"It looks silly without the sound", whispered Miss Kane to the reporters. However counsel proceeded to run off Betty Boop in The Bum Bandit & Helen Kane in Dangerous Nan Mcgrew. We will show you your honor that the defendants have made a studied imitation of our style, our movements of the eyes and our general mannerisms.

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