Helen Kane Slammed Door on Him After Creditors Closed in, Cloak-and-Suit Play-Boy Tells Hearing.Edit

The cheerless romance of the big cloak and suiter who wanted to marry baby talking Helen Kane the "Boop-Boop-a-Doop" lass and the stubborn obstacle in the humble form of her discarded hubby who unfolded today before a referee in bankruptcy.  Murray J Posner, whose presentation of two checks for a total of $50,000 to the lisping songster just before he went broke is under the scrutiny of Federal court, told his sad story while attorneys for his numerous creditors listened grimly. 

The husband is Joe Kane, whom Helen couldn't remember having married seven years ago, before she "boop-boop-a-dooped" and gulped her way to the larger currency. Under the merciless cross-ecamination, Posner admitted his love for the baby-talker, whom he had known for 2 years. He  admitted that the plump young woman who learned how to pout while washing dishes for Joe Kane in a $50-a-month flat had worked her fortune to $250,000. They would have married, he said, but for Kane, whom the songbird quit three years ago.  His sister, Mrs Betty De Leuw corroborated Posner's testimony that his affection was returned until the big cloak-and-suiter-suitor became a bankrupt ex-playboy.  Posner sorrowfully admitted, he tried to call upon Helen at the Drake Hotel in Chicago and she slammed the door in his face. Helen has promised to appear to lisp her own story which is said to be that the $50,000 was a loan she made to Posner last year and which he returned to her just before his creditors closed in.

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