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Cheryl Chase (born Cheryl Hudock; December 25, 1958) Cheryl Hudock Chase is a well known voice actress, best known as the voice of "Angelica" in the cartoon series "Rugrats,". During the 90's Cheryl used to do a one woman Show as Helen Kane.


During 1995-1998 Cheryl recorded five songs as Helen Kane for the "Crazy Rhythm Hot Society".


  • Cheryl Chase was given a reivew by the Crazy Rhythm Hot Society as being arguably the world's best Helen Kane impersonator.
  • Cheryl used to perform live as Helen Kane.

Laurel & Hardy Night (1995)

On Wednesday evening, June 21, 1995, the Los Angeles Conservancy will be hosting the "Last Remaining Seats" program honoring Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy. The event will be held at the Los Angeles Theatre, located at 615 S. Broadway, between 5th and 7th in Los Angeles. Pre-theatre activities will feature a parade from Pershing Square to the Los Angeles Theatre ala "Sons of the Desert," complete with a marching band.

The theatre doors will open up between 7:15 PM and 7:30 PM, so you can find your seat and take in the movie palace from yesteryear. During this time, you will be entertained by Mora's Modern Rhythmists, as they play the music of LeRoy Shield, who wrote many of the tunes heard in the background of Laurel and Hardy's and other Hal Roach comedies. Gail Harris will sing a popular song from the era. Cheryl Chase (impersonating Helen Kane of Betty Boop fame) will also be singing a song. Next up will be Richard Halper singing "Honolulu Baby," in costume with dancing Hula girls, recreating the musical number from the Sons of the Desert. Chuck McCann and Jim MacGeorge will be up next, as Laurel and Hardy, to entertain us.

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