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Cindy Ball recalls the life and work of the original Boop Girl Helen Kane, Cindy began playing her with all the wide-eyed innocent naughtiness that set the decade of the flapper generation on fire.


Cindy Ball as Helen Kane

"The show opened with Cindy Ball, a super talented actress/singer/comedienne. The native Texan wrote "Boop Girl" about the story of Helen Kane, the real-life model for Betty Boop. Cindy had the crowd eating out of her hand during her 45-minute show. In the audience was a special surprise for Cindy, a dozen of Helen Kane's nieces, nephews and family members."

Cindy Ball on Helen Kane

“What I find so tragic,” Ball says, “is that at the time Betty Boop was created, the whole world knew it was a cartoon version of Helen Kane, and yet Helen gave no permission, received no credit nor royalty. Eventually Betty’s career became bigger than Helen’s and Helen was ousted from the spotlight by a cartoon imitation of herself. So, it’s my hope that Betty Boop fans come away with an appreciation for what Helen created and her contribution to Betty Boop, and also see Helen as a person, three-dimensional, a seperate entity from the cartoon character.”


Cindy has performed as Helen Kane in venues in New York City, including:

  • Don't Tell Mama
  • Danny's Skylight Room
  • Sardi's Restaurant
  • Dorothy Parker Society's Bathtub Gin Ball and Speakeasy Cruise



  • When Cindy posed as Helen Kane she held a ukulele, Helen Kane didn't play the ukulele, Marjorie Babe Kane did.

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