Helen Kane Is Not The Original

A medley of strange unintelligible sounds came today from the court room where Helen Kane's big boop-boop-a-doop trial is being heard.  There was a "boop" or two then a "doo-doo-doo" finally "wha-da-da-da!"

Everyone especially the court stenographer was confused.  The stenographer's knowledge of spelling did not transcend the dicitionary.   The assortment of noises came during the attempts of the defense to show that the art of "booping" was nor original with Helen Kane. That the responsibility rested with others who had preceded her on stage.

Miss Kane is seeking $250,000 damages from Max Fleischer, cartoonist, the Fleischer Studios and Paramount Publix corporation on the ground that the Betty Boop screen cartoons constitute larceny on her mannerisms and song technique.  Testifying for the defence Lou bolton, theatrical manager said that one of his stage proteges, Esther Jones a Negro woman had interpolated songs with syliables similar to Miss Kane's as long ago as 1925.

In 1928, Bolton continued , Miss Kane and her manager attended a performance of Miss Jones whose stage name was Baby Esther in a New York night club just a few weeks later he said Miss Kane began to "boop" at a theater here.  Then followed an exhaustive retracing of the history of "boop-boop-a-doopery".

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