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Dangerous Nan McGrew
Dangerous Nan McGrew
Dangerous Nan McGrew

Dangerous Nan McGrew

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Plot Summary

Helen Kane takes lead role and stars as Dangerous Nan Mcgrew, an entertainer in a travelling medicine show run by her boss. Muldoon one of the members of the medicine show is a fugitive who is on the run from a murder charge. Its up to Dangerous Nan Mcgrew the sharpshooting singer to save the day. The medicine show gets stranded at a snowbound hunting lodge of a wealthy woman. Performing at a Christmas eve show for the lodge guests, the saxophone playing nephew of the landlady falls in love with Nan. Enter the villain, a bank robber (how did he get through the snow?). Can the Royal Canadian Mounted Police be far behind? You betcha!


Dangerous Nan Mcgrew (Song Lyrics)

Helen Kane Dangerous Nan McGrew02:32

Helen Kane Dangerous Nan McGrew

Dangerous Nan Mcgrew

DANGEROUS NAN McGREW From the film "Dangerous Nan McGrew" (1930) (Hartman / Goodhart)

Ha-cha, cha-cha, vo-do-de-o and boop-boop-boop-boop-a-doop Tootin’, shootin’, high-falutin’,

I make you loop-the-loop! I’m from the Great Northwest

I’m different from the rest Stand up, band up, throw your hands up,

I shoot pants and vest... Oh, I’ve been a bad girl all my life,

I pick my teeth with a carving knife,

And I make a widow of a wife...

’Cause I’m dangerous Nan McGrew!

Why, I slapped Jack Dempsey in the face!

And I make barbed wire look like lace And I throw myself right out of place...

’Cause I’m dangerous Nan McGrew! And I eat dynamite, and I go up and fight!

I shoot everything in sight! Beware, boom-boom, take care, poom-poom...

With one breath, I sink a boat. And if anybody gets my boat,

I cut myself a piece of throat... ’Cause I’m dangerous Nan McGrew!

Why, bullets, they bounce right off my chest.

And I sleep on a hornet’s nest

Why, I’m the gal sends show men west...

’Cause I’m dangerous Nan McGrew!

Why, lions tremble when I frown! And when that great big Zeppelin came to town...remember?

I’m the one that held it down...

’Cause I’m dangerous Nan McGrew!

I like destroying pelf,

I shoot bottles off the shelf, I’m so bad I scare myself!

Take care, boom-boom, beware, boom-boom

Why, I’d pull a train right off the track.

And for perfume, I use shellac.

When mad dogs bite...grr!...I bite ’em back...grr

’Cause I’m dangerous Nan McGrew!


  • Betty Boop plays a character called Dangerous Nan Mcgrew in the 1931 Cartoon "The Bum Bandit", although instead of the usual baby-talk her voice is provided by Harriet Lee who sings and speaks in her normal singing voice.
  • Helen Kane also performs another song in this movie entitled I Owe You, along with another called Aw! C'mon Whatta Got to Lose? in Dangerous Nan Mcgrew.
  • This is the only film where Helen received top billing in the film's credits.


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