Dizzy Dishes is a (1930) Cartoon about "Out of Work Actors" who work at a nightclub. Bimbo the dog works as a waiter. When Bimbo is about to serve the roast duck to Gus the Gorilla's table, he see's a caricature of Helen Kane "The Original Boop-Boop-a-Doop Girl" performing "I Have to have you" on stage and falls in love at first sight. He completely forgets about the hungry customer and dances on stage with the duck. The gorilla gets furious and goes after Bimbo, who ends up escaping on a wooden train.



  • One day, Dave Fleischer handed Grim Natwick a photograph of singer, Helen Kane and asked him to design a caricature. Fleischer had found a sound-alike, and planned to use her in the upcoming Talkartoon, "Dizzy Dishes". Grim exaggerated Kane’s wide eyes and rosebud mouth, creating a slightly coarse, but strikingly original design. A few weeks later, Dave asked Grim to design a girlfriend for Bimbo to star as the "fair young maiden" in a cartoon adaptation of the popular song, "Barnacle Bill the Sailor". Grim streamlined and refined his caricature of Kane for the part. But Dave Fleischer objected, insisting that since Bimbo was a dog, his girlfriend should also be a dog.
  • Helen Kane's career with Paramount Pictures was over by 1930, the character that appears in Dizzy Dishes who is one of the "Out of Work Actors" was a reference and caricature towards Helen. Helen also starred in her last film short with Paramount Pictures in 1931 entitled A Lesson in Love.
  • The nameless caricature of Helen Kane who appears in "Dizzy Dishes" & "Barnacle Bill & "Mysterious Mose", later adapts into a character later dubbed Betty Boop.
  • Margie Hines was hired for this one-shot to record a cover of the same song sung by Helen Kane, "I Have to Have You." The public's reaction was so great that Paramount urged Fleischer to continue developing this cartoon caricature of Helen Kane.
  • The caricature of Kane that appeared in Dizzy Dishes makes a breif apperance in a Fleischer Studios Screen Song entitled "My Wifes Gone to The Country" (1931). The character can be seen sitting at a table in Broadway. Helen Kane was a Broadway star of the 20's, which proves that the character later dubbed Betty Boop was a genuine caricature.

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