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 Do Something was a song written in 1929 by Sam H. Stept and Bud Green, for the 1929 Richard Dix Paramount film Nothing But The Truth, where it was performed by Helen Kane . Unfortunately the scene seems to be missing from the only known existing print of the movie which has been shown on television in recent years, the song was also released by Victor Records by Helen Kane.
Helen Kane Do Something02:44

Helen Kane Do Something

Do Something (1929)

Do Something

Transcribed by Helen Kane Wikia 100%


Oh, honey

Oh, honey

Why is it that ya act so funny

When we should be making love

Oh, I'm willing

I'm so willing

But nothing that ya do seems thrilling

I long for your petting

Where am I getting

There's the moon

Way up high

Here are you

And here am I

Oh, do

Do do something

I ain't been hugged

And ain't been kissed

And I wanna see just what I missed


Oh, do

Oh, do something

I got the time and the place and the place and the time I know

I gotta bench and a park

And a park and a bench and all

Ya, know other pairs their making haste

But look at me I'm just born to waste

So, Oooooh do

Oooooh, do something

Summer nights stars galore

Oh, tell me what are we waiting for


Awww, c'mon honey

Awww, c'mon

Do something


Ya, know

It's been told and explained

Nothing tried is nothing gained


Oh, do...

Do something

I gotta hug and a kiss and a kiss and a hug or two

I wanna give some away

And I'm gonna give some away

To you


Sitting around seems so dumb

And look at me I'm getting numb


Oh, do

Oh, do something

* Instrumental

All alone

Just we two

And I feel so


Ooooh, do

Do do





Helen Kane - Do Something (1954) 45-rpm Ep X1164 ( Full Version)02:13

Helen Kane - Do Something (1954) 45-rpm Ep X1164 ( Full Version)

Do Something (1954)


  • Betty Boop performs Do Something in the 1932 cartoon "Boop-Oop-a-Doop" on the highwire, which was released in 1932 and performed by Margie Hines.
  • Dorothy Lee sings the song in the 1929 RKO film Syncopation in the same mannerism.
  • Was also recorded by Ermine Calloway.
  • In 1954 Helen Kane recorded the song again for MGM records as a 45-rpm Ep X1164 Called "The Boop-Boop-A-Doop Girl!.
  • The song was covered by Cheryl Chase during the 90s.
  • Is a song that is regularly performed by Ginger Pauley & the Hoosier Daddys.

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