Down throught the ages always have there been Helens of every race and clime, but none with more of the immortal trojans beauty than these American girls of the films.

Helen Kane above , the baby-talk star says that Helen of Troy probably knew how to susceptible men are to "boop-boop-a-doop" in any language.

Helen Gerguson, above though rarely appearing on the screen nowadays, holds the loyalty of myraid fans because of her beauty of character.

Helen Chandler, right is a newcomer in pictures from the stage, where she played Ophelia in modern dress.

Helen Kaiser left, also from the stage made her screen debut in Rio Rita.

Helen Chadwick, right returns to the screen in Men Are Like That.

Helen Foster's fragile beauty above is becoming well known to fans.

Helen Fairweather, below has hair that recalls the Trojans Helen's golden curls.

Helene Costello above, though called by the French equivalent of the immortal name should not be left out of this group of Helens because of an extra "e".

Helen Lynch, below though making a name for herself with hard boiled portrayals is beautiful in real life.

Helen Twelve-trees, above captivates by girlish charm rather than the statuesque lure of some other Helens.

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