Gertrude Schroeder
Gertrude Schroeder

Gertrude Schroeder

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Gertrude Schroeder was the older sister of Helen Kane. She appeared in Dangerous Nan Mcgrew  as a masked dancer and This Is Your Life.  Helen's first introduction to show business was when Gertrude took her to a talent show.  Gertrude had entered the contest and while she was waiting to perform, Helen was asked to sing, because she was so cute the audience went wild beating out her own sister. 

Gertrude on Helen KaneEdit

If my mother liked the wallpaper in the apartment house down the block and it was better than ours, why we moved. Helen played hooky along and the truant officer became a regular friend of the family. He'd sit down with my mother and have coffee and wait for Helen to come home.


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