Going Places Edit

Oetjet patrons are enjoying the gay spring show there and particualary the talents of Helen Kane who is known as the Boop-Boop-a-Doop girl.  She is entertaining at this resaurant with her own version of the latest songs such as "Puzzle Wuzzie Was a Bear" and "I Wanna Get Married" along with a medley of favorites she made famous in former years.

"He's Got Eyes of Blue" (That's My Weakness Now) " I Wanna Be Loved By You", "Button Up Your Overcoat", ect.  Introducing Helen and acting as the m.c. is her husband Dan Healy, Helen and Dan are almost local residents for they have been living in Jackson Heights for two years. Helen is the gal who was an overnight success at the Manhattan Paramount in 1929 and since then her name is famous is the after night clubs in the movies and on radio.

She played a command performance for the late "King George" who liked her entertainment tremendously, as he was especially interested in American artists.

By the way the Schroeders of Bushwick are relatives of Helen Kane, as was the late Mayor Schroeder.  Husband Dan also knows Brooklyn for he used to reside at 1st St. and 7th Ave, and during the last war he entered the army from sheepsnead Bay. Would you remember him playing in a melodrama in Brooklyn with Annie Blancke? Did you see "A Little Outcast" and "Fighting Fate"some many years ago? Healy has an international reputation, not only noted as a singer but also as a dancer.

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