He's So Unusual
Hes so unusual
He's So Unusual

He's So Unusual

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He's So Unusual is a song that was written by Sherman Lewis Silver in 1929 and sung by Helen Kane in the movie Sweetie.

He's So Unusual

Transcribed by Helen Kane Wikia 100%


You talk of sweeties

Bashful sweeties

I got one of those

Ooooh, he's handsome as can be

But he worries me

He goes to college and gathers knowledge

What that boy knows

He's up in his latin and greek

But in his sheek and he's weak

Cause when I want some lovin

And I gotta have some lovin

He says please

Stop it please

He's so unusual

And when I want some kisses

And I gotta have some kisses

He says


Lemme go

He's so unusual

I know lots of boys who could be crazy over me

If they only had this fellows opportunity

Ya, know

I'd let him pet me

But the darn fool doesn't let me

Oh, he's so unusual that he drives me wild

When were in the moonlight

He says I don't like the moonlight

Aww, let's not park in the dark

Ahh...he's so unusual?

And when were riding in a taxi

He converses with the chauffeur

Aww, why don't he talk to me?

Oh, he's so different

Others would be tickled pink to



He don't even know what



He says love is hokum

Gee, I'd like to

Choke choke choke 'um

Cause he's so unusual that he drives me wild


You might as well be by yourself as in his company

When were out together

I'm as lonesome as can be

But still I'm mad about him

And I just can't live without him

Cause he's so unusual

That he drives me




Helen Kane - He's So Unusual (1929)03:03

Helen Kane - He's So Unusual (1929)

Helen Kane - He's So Unusual Song Version

Dancing and singing to a Duo of songs from 192906:26

Dancing and singing to a Duo of songs from 1929

Helen Kane performing He's so unusual in the movie Sweetie & the Prep Step


  • The song is a reference towards a boyfriend who is not paying any attention to his girlfriend, and or is going for the same sex.
  • Cyndi Lauper covered this song in 1983 and released a album entitled "She's So Unusual", because she had listened to Helen Kane's original recording of "He's So Unusual", Cyndi's tracks which feature the song are "Girl's Just Wanna have fun", Yeah Yeah & her recording of the official song "He's So Unusual" for her album.
  • Kate Wright recorded the song for Columbia Records in 1929 as a anonymous artist known as "The Mystery Girl".
  • Mae Questel performed the song and won first place in a Helen Kane contest. She then got to sing the song again to another live audience.
  • Annette Hanshaw recorded this song as a one of her Helen Kane impersonations.
    Cyndi Lauper - She's So Unusual 1983 - Album Preview10:41

    Cyndi Lauper - She's So Unusual 1983 - Album Preview

    Cyndi Lauper's Album She's So Unusual

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