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Heads Up! (1930), Helen Kane plays a character named Betty, which gives you an idea of where Max Fleischer got the name for his cartoon character. 'Heads Up' was originally a flop Broadway musical with tunes by Rodgers and Hart, who are the only songwriters listed in this film's on-screen credits. High-society Newport widow Martha Trumbull owns a yacht, the Silver Lady, for the private use of herself and her two daughters Mary and Betty. Mary (Margaret Breen) is meant to be the 'pretty' sister, and Betty (Helen Kane) is meant to be the 'funny' sister, but neither is much of either. The wealthy Mrs Trumbull employs Captain Denny and Skippy Dugan to staff the yacht, but they're often kept idle at the quay because the family aren't using the yacht. So, to make valuable use of his time, the villainous Denny uses the Silver Lady for bootleg runs. He takes her out beyond the three-mile-limit.


  • Victor Moore as Skippy Dugan
  • Helen Carrington as Mrs. Martha Trumbull
  • Margaret Breen as Mary Trunbull
  • Gene Gowing as Rex Cutting
  • Billy Taylor as Georgie


  • Helen Kane plays a character called Betty the same year in which Betty Boop was created and debuted in Dizzy Dishes (1930) as a nameless carciature like joke of Kane.The character later debuted in 1931 in the Talkartoon Silly Scandals where she was officially known as Betty Boop.

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