I want him to know that i'm not all boop-boop-a-doop! "How do you spell that? asked your correnspondent. "Ask the judge." she answered. "He is the guy who decided i was wrong." Miss Kane had some champagne, and the cat jumped on her lap. Boopy started clawing at her hand. "Boopy," she said, is my pal. You didn;t even know, my little buzzy fuzzy wuzzy kuzzy suzzy dolling, dolling, dolling that mama dolling was in a drate big huge awful old trial wuz you? Boopy bit her hand again. "You." she said to your correnspondent, "can use any language you want to becuse i am mad, mad, MAD!" Please, Miss Kane, your correnspondent urged. Let's not get all wrought up about this thing. "I am so mad," she said, "that i am going to spend a lot of money appealing this case. They have stolen my idea! I dont need money. I sued these Betty Boop people for $250,000, I don't want a cent of it. All i want is vindication. It has broken my heart.

"Max, pour Mr Smith a drink of champagne. "And Max, before i go back to bed, will you let me sing a song? I mean for this guy? "Sure," said Mr Hoffman. She sand "Smoke Get's In Your Eyes," with boops between the smoke.

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