Her first job was in a place where rolls for player pianos were made. As the new song hits came in to be made into rolls, she learned them. One day the boys in the office, knowing the boss was out, put her up on top of a desk and begged her to sing for them. 

She was just finishing a snappy number when the boss came back.  He promptly fired her.

Thus Helen Kane’s first attempt to sing in public ended in disaster.  Her boss must feel rather crestfaller if he remembers the beautiful little girl with great starry eyes who was boop dooping that day in his office.  For now every boop is set in platinum and she is Hollywood’s Helen and Broadway’s Sugar Kane.

Her voice goes just as well over the air as it does over the foot-lights, so this evening Miss Kane will be on the Eveready Hour with an extra special line of crooning boops as soft as the velvet of a butter-fly’s wings.

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