Helen Kane, Stuart Erwin in "Dangerous Nan McGrew" ~A Paramount Picture directed by Malcom St. Clair.  

Helen Kane, the "boop-boopa-doop" girl, will be seen and heard in the title role of "Dangerous Nan McGrew" at the R-K-O Proctor's Theater Saturday to Tuesday.  Miss Kane was transformed from a stage person to a stage personality about two years ago when Paul Ash, impresario of jazz at the Paramount Theater on Broadway, gave her a "break" in one of his stage shows.  She sang her baby-voice songs so charmingly that she broke all attendance records for a singer and was retained for return engagements. Shortly after that she was cast in Hammerstien's musical comedy "Good Boy". Her voice became a thing to be aought on the radio and her phonograph records sold by the hundreds of thousands.   Came her first picture "Nothing But the Truth" with Richard Dix it brought Miss Kane forward as an outstanding singing comedienne.

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