She’s so Unusual, Helen Kane with a boop and a doop and a hey-diddle-diddle, is being driven wild, simp-lee wild by Louis Rosenthal’s sculpture. The little girl who’s favorite pose is sitting on top of a piano, whose antics on the stage and before the “mic” are confined to a tantalizing species of comedy, possesses it appears an innate sence of “Artistic” perception.

Louis Rosenthal on Helen Kane:

In the studio one finds Helen Kane is a philosopher, like Charlie Chaplin. She knows the meaning of my work. She liked only the sculpture which has a philosophical significance. Among the statues Helen worships are the Eunch, The Human Tragedy, The Illegitimate Child, Adam and Eve, The Three Generals Carrying Dead Victory, The Body and the Soul. and Hollywood. There is pain and powerful feelings in these things. Ordinary people do not-cannot in fact appreciate them, But Helen Kane. Rosenthal announced he will sell Miss Kane one of the largest bills of goods ever sent out of his work shop. “She’s So Unusual.”

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