Film Star Proved Herself Real Artist to Enthusiastic Capitol Audience

Helen Kane, the Paramount star of a dozen films, demonstrates conclusively her talents as a stage star this week at the Capitol Theatre, Where she is appearing in person. Miss Kane arrived on Friday morning, Visited the mayor, and then rushed back to the theatre to receive one of the most enthusiastic receptions over accorded a stage or screen celebrity in Montreal. Miss Kane sings several numbers from her recent pictures, and shows that she not only possesses an extraordinarily "cute" face and voice, but that she is a performer of superb showmanship, a genuine personality of character and strenght. A tremendous burst of applause greeted Miss Kane as she was introduced by "Zizz" Black. Miss Kane wore a red gown of striking beauty. She sang Dangerous Nan Mcgrew from a picture of hers not released here yet, several numbers from Heads Up, the populer He's So Unusual, and a song inserted in her next film. Most of these were rendered with the assistance of "Zizz" Black, who appeared to be the victim of much attention by Miss Kane, "The boopadoops" were inserted by the star at judicious intervals, Miss Kane should be a tremendous success during her stay in Montreal. The whole affair was refreshingly fast, with Miss Kane standing out head and shoulders above anything else on the bill. Despite its prominent cast, Douglas Fairbanks Jr, Anita Page, Sally Biane and Zazu Pitts, Miss Kane is worth waiting for, She should not be missed.

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