Boots, Boos, Boop-a-Boo'sEdit

Helen is a little girl who was booed and booted to her "boop-a-doop" sucess. Before she adopted the "Boop-a-Doop" she was booed off the stage in London she went over with the Marx Brothers and the act received such a terrible reception that Sit Arthur Stoll, England's Ziegfeld, ordered the revolving stage into action and swung the entire show from the audience. He demanded that the Marx Brothers fire "that squeaking thing". So Helen trailed back home and the Marx Brothers went over big.   J.J Shubert was another to boot her on to success she opened in "A Night in Spain" at $150 a week. One critic wrote "A Night in Spain is a night in pain." For punishment J.J Shubery should be made to listen to Helen Kane for seven hours. Shubert let her out and she landed on the Paramount stage with Paul Ash. She introduced her "Boop-a-Doop" and overnight became a sensation a few weeks after he had fired her Shubert offered her $5,000 weekly. 

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