Helen Kane, who boop-a-doops to music on the stage and screen, shown with her attorney in a New York court.  She broke down and cried at a demand to hand over $50,000 given to her by Murray Posner, member of the bankrupt firm.

Injunction Against Using Sum Received by Her From Bankrupt Friend Ended

Helen (Sugar) Kane, baby talk actress can do anything she wants to with $50,000 she received from her friend Murray Posner, shortly before his dress firm went bankrupt.

On Aug 11 an order was issued directing Miss Kane and the dress company to show why she should  not be restrained from withdrawing the money from a bank and a temporary injunction was issued forbidding withdrawal.

Today the injunction was terminated.

Miss Kane said she had given Posner the money to invest for her and that he failed to do so and returned it.  The transaction had nothing to do, she said with the affairs of the dress concern.

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