Did you ever watch an actress get ready for the stage? They are fascinating efficent race of girls. With a genious apparently, for whisking into make-up and garments with a speed that other mortals only employ. When the last call for breakfast has just sounded. Helen Kane of Good Boy is no exception or she wouldn't have reminded us anew of this regulary noted trait the other night when we were surprised by her in her dressing room. We were having a lovely time looking over the boxes which had just arrived from an importing house. After a show runs several months, it seems the feminine principal gets to the point where she has nothing to wear. Simple as acting looks from across the footlights, it is often a strenuous performance, viewed from the standpoint of wear and tear on clothes. So Miss Kane has had to reinforce her wardrobe with a Racquel Meller evening dress and she isn't a bit sorry, ether for she adores pretty frocks, she admitted making up her astounding eyes and using them at the same time to gaze lovingly on the creation in question named after the famous spanish star who s associated with picture-esque effects. Black Chantilly lace forms the volumnous skirt, set rather low on a tight bodice of black satin, which is fastened to wide-meshed black net at the top, with a row of rhinestones. The net is fitted over shoulders and of course gives the frock the effect of being cut much lower than it really is. An airy touch is given the already diaphanous skirt by a wide ruffle of the stiffened net.

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