Miss Helen Kane, the boop-boop-a-doop girl denounced civilzation incognito today and then denounced civilization in the flesh. Miss Kane in fact doesn't think the human race is being kind to her. She lost a $250,000 damage suit saturday.

"It isn't." said Miss Kane, the money. People have stolen the idea i put across and i am not going to stand for it. At the St. Moritz Hotel, overlooking Centeral Park your correspondent was admitted to Room No. 2823 by a very athletic man named Max Hoffman Jr. Mr Hoffman is husband of the boop-boop-a-doop singer. "Not a chance to see her", he said. "We're busy appealing the case." "But," he went on, "come on in. I'll tell you all you want to know." He wore red pajamas and used to play football at Cornell. We sat down and looked, for a moment at Central Park. "Helen," said Mr Hoffman, is in bed. "Wheeeeeee! came a voice from the next room. Mr Hoffman got up opened the door and said,: "What is it, my darling?" "I want the cat," said Miss Kane. The cat, a created named Boopy was delivered into her hands. She told her husband at the time that she never wanted to see another lawyer, newspaperman, judge or courtroom in all her life, And three miniutes laterm with Boopy, she was out in the living room with the cat under her arm. She had on blue pajamas and she wanted to speak her mind.

"Darling," said Mr Hoffman "please be careful." "The judge," said Miss Kane is a ___!" "Honey," said Mr Hoffman, "becareful with your language." "I want to tell this United Press guy." said Miss Kane, "what happend in this case, I want him to know that i know what i'm doing.

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