The Two Greatest Attractions Ever Presented In One Gigantic Program!

The Original "Boop-Boopa-Doop" Girl Doin Her Stuff ON THE STAGE!

Helen Kane In Person Heading a Merry Stage Show, "Sunny Days," with a Galaxy of Broadway Entertainers!  Vito La Monaca's Overture AND ON THE SCREEN A Picture We Do Not Hesitate to Recommend!

RUTH CHATTERTON In Her Greatest Dramatic Portrayal In Paramount's SARAH AND SON With Frederic March Phillippe De Lacy Made for Woman...About a Woman...Tense, Searing Drama That You Will Never Forget!

In addition to Helen Kane in person in big stage show and Ruth Chatterton in "Sarah & Son" with Philippe DeLacy! Also Byrd Expedition Exhibit in the main lounge!

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