Quotes on and by Helen Kane.

  • "I thought you might like to know that her first introduction to "show business" was when her older sister, Gertrude took her to a talent show. [Gertrude] had entered the contest and while she was on the side waiting, Aunt Helen was also asked to perform - because she was so cute and the management audience went wild and she won the contest - beating out her own sister." (Melody, Gertrude's daughter and Helen's niece)
  • "In our neighborhood in the Bronx, Aunt Helen would sit on the stoop and sing for everyone. Neither her nor Uncle Dan drove, so we would pick them up in Jackson Heights and sing all the way." (Mickey, Helen's niece)
  • "I had a song sheet of Helen Kane and the split curls came from her. So i just designed a little dog and put cute feminine legs on her and the earrings which developed later started out as long ears. I suppose i used a french poodle for the basic idea of the character." (Grim Natwick, creator of Betty Boop and Snow White, on his inspiration behind the creation of Betty Boop.)
  • "I'm sore but this is going to be fun!"  (Helen Kane $250,000 suit against Paramount & The Fleischer Studios)
  • "One day i had fifty cents... and the next day i had $50,000." (Helen Kane)
  • "I was the peppy one, i was the flapper. There i was looking about 16 laughing and jumping on and off horses." (Helen Kane)
  • "I got $5,000 at one of those big society parties just to sing four or five choruses of "Button Up Your Overcoat." (Helen Kane)
  • "They can put a red nose on me, or give me a broom. I know i can get laugh's." (Helen Kane)
  • "I'm on a seafood diet, I see food and i eat it." (Helen Kane)
  • “I am not going to talk any more baby talk and they will not get me to say Boop-Boop-a-Doop! (Helen Kane)
  • "ÖI am going to to be some sort of miniature Mae West." (Helen Kane)
  • "I'm not much of a cook, and as far back as i can remember i have never tried to sell anyone the idea of trusting their gastronomic requirements to me." (Helen Kane)
  • "Well...I tell ya i had quite a bit of domestic trouble and my mother had died. It all came all a little too fast. I worked very hard sometimes twenty hours a day recording, pictures, and personal appearances.  Five and six shows a day.  At first I found myself getting very weak, depressed, and I didn't care to go out with people.  I had a very bad breakdown and it took some time for me to get well." (Helen Kane)
  • "Helen and I had been partners in a show many years before and then we became partners in real life." (Daniel Healy)
  • "They are devils but they are marvelous!" (Helen Kane on the Marxs Brothers)
  • “I was tired, worn out, and I quit,” “I could have gone on. I bought a home in California, went to Europe—a command performance before the King and the Queen of England—to Mexico, and spent a lot of money. Followed the seasons. I bought houses, swimming pools, invested in business.” But, she added, “I worked too hard until I finally knocked myself out. It was crazy, ÖI was rich but I wasn’t having any fun. Before I was famous I always had a good time.” (Helen Kane)
  • "I made my first record for Victor. I was at the Paramount Theatre in Broadway with Paul Ash and it was the first time I interjected this phrase of Boop-Oop-a-Doop into my song. The Victor people had me make a test record of it But they were very stiff about what things meant. And particular about their artists that nothing would be risque. So they wanted to know what Boop-Oop-a-Doop meant because people laughed at it. And I said I didn't know. It was just a form of rhythm I had. So they made this record and it was a bomb! It was a sneaker. Oh, I guess it sold over a million copies.And then of course I got a contract and kept recording for them. I made an awful lot of records. Say 40-50 million and they sold. And as I say there weren't as many people recording those days." (Helen Kane)
  • "In 1925-1926 I was on radio. People had the crystal sets and they were making the radio. I'll never forget when I was in a radio studio.I was in an act of five girls. They said come over we want you to go on the radio. So we went into this room. I said how dumb can you be? I said can I hear it later. The man said it's gone over the air. And then of course when radio came into it's own people stopped buying records. People got tired of the radio, then they had TV. Then there wasn't enough dance music on TV, so the kids started buying records again." (Helen Kane)
  • "The younger generation like me very much. I'm very flattered We went up to this festival And I would say 70% of the audience were teenagers. And really I was quite a hit! And I have noticed when i was out of the road That this sound of Boop-Oop-a-Doop is a new sound to them. When I listen to this rock and roll. And look at you kids. I don't think it's a whole lot different.Than the Charleston and the Varsity Drag." (Helen Kane)

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