Helen Kane Seeks Double (1939)Edit

The whole town's going boop-a-doop mad!
It's on the air, it's grinding out on phonographs.
It's stumming on pianos and lips are humming "Boop-Boop-a-Doop"
Toledo girls from 6 to 16 are tuning up their Boop-a-doop voices.
To quality for the latest News-Bee contest.

Helen Kane, world famous Boop-a-doop girl of the radio and the movies,
has started the fad. Helen will be here for a week starting Aug 29,
Boop-a-dooping all over the Paramount stage.

She wants to find the girl who looks and acts most like her.
First prize will be $25 and four others will bring the total to $50

Come, get in the fun girls, if you're in the top five, you'll
appear on the Paramount stage with Miss Kane. Every entrant
will receive an autographed photo of the famed star.

All you have to do is send in your picture, name, age and adress to
Boop-A-Doop committee. care Toledo News-Bee. Then you'll be notified when to appear for audition.
The contest is open for only a few more days, so wise entrants will get in without delay.

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