Way out in chicago Broadways baby talk lady, gulp,pout Helen Kane is suffering from another affliction of childhood. Her little childish mind simply can't retain the big things of life.

For baby Helen had not forgot about the $40.000 gift from big-time Murray J Posner. Now sewed up by Posner's creditors. But darned if the little lady hadn't forgotten she's married.

Husband Joe Kane, humble clerk of the fourteenth street dress store whom Helen married seven years ago, has completely slipped her mind and nothing the reporters do seem to make him come back.

But Helen's memory is even worse than that, she cant gulp, pout boop-a-doop remember a thing about the gallant bachelor cloak and suiter Posner who slipped a check for $40.000 into her chubby hand, a check which Posner's creditors are most anxious to get back even to the extreme of asking the court to prevent little Helen from drawing checks against it.

But Broadway is willing to help little Helen's memory out about her marriage, something which a little child should remember, better than Helen seems to.

It developed that way back in 1923 and Helen was only 17, but they were married and both lived on Joe's clerk salary and little Helen began to pout and sing Boop-Boop-a-Doop around the house.

  • He's still in the store

Next Helen went on stage and Joe kept plugging along in the store. He's still plugging but three years ago they seperated,there was no divorce. It was around this time it was learned that the $40.000 check boy Murray Posner,arrived on the scene.

Young Mr Posner was prospering with his Bond Dress company,which monday went into financial tailspin dragging along Helen's $40.000 check with it. Posner, according to attorneys for the creditors is also in chicago, where Helen also is. He was in Detroit last week where Helen was at the time.


  • It seems Murray Posner, was stalking Helen Kane which means his alleged "death threats" were actually true. He was following her from place to place. Chicago to Detroit becuse his dress company went backrupt and he wanted the $40.000 returned from Helen Kane.

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