I've Got It
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Helen Kane - I've Got

I've Got It

I've Got It

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I've Got It But It Don't Do Me No Good was a song that was recorded by Helen Kane in 1929 for Victor Records.

I Got ItEdit

Translated by Helen Kane Wikia 100%


Everytime I get a brand new Sweetie

I'm up in the clouds

And I'm flying high

Then my boyfriend

He gets a brand new sweetie...

Ya know, I don't seem to get a break

I wonder why...

I'm a lonesome little babe in the wood


I got it but it don't do me no good

Ya know, I can't hold a man the way that I should


I got it, Papa it don't do me no good

I know I'm young and so ambitious

But why should I waste my charm

I got a lot of loving

But who's got the lips and arms


I'm a girl that's been so misunderstood


Oh, I've got it

Papa it don't do me no good

I'm a little lonesome Red Riding Hood

I got it

But it don't do me a bit of good...

Cause, Mr Wolf won't play the way that he should

I got it

But it don't do me no good

I'm like a barrel of rare old sherry

I'm longing to meet my fate

I want somebody to marry

But who wants to dissipate



I'm afraid that I might age in the wood


I got it but it don't do me no




  • The song title is known as I've Got It, but in Helen Kane's rendition instead of I've Got It Helen states I Got It.  

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