Don't be too greatly surprised if you read next week about a court room wired for sound a dignified judge and famous lawyers saying "boop-oop-a-doop" back and forth to one another and a piano being moved under the judge's bench so that Helen Kane can give a special performance for the benfit of the court because upon the ownership of "Boop-Boop-a-Doop" will hinge the $250,000 action filed by Helen Kane against the Betty Boop cartoons.  Helen Kane is going to be very much back in the limelight and the question will be, "Kane the public take it?" She's going to be on the air for N.B.C is readying a new vaudeville act, preparing for the return of musical movies and rolling up the sleeves for her sleeveless gown for a legal battle, upon which preliminary hearings have already been held.  The original Betty Boop, by the way was Marjorie Hines (Margie Hines) a Brooklyn girl who may be called as a witness. 

"I'm sore but i think this trial is going to be fun" said Helen when i dropped in on her at the St. Moritz she was wearing red pajamas, with red slippers, and looking as much like  akewpie doll as ever (and not as chubby) with her was her fiance, Max Hoffman Jr whom she will wed within a few weeks, tiz expected...

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