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Kate Wright was one of the several voices of Betty Boop. In The Betty Boop Biography it states that Kate Wright had entered a contest held by Paramount Pictures, which would have the Helen Kane look & sound-a-like contest and was later given the role of Betty Boop, and was featured as the characters vocal in several cartoons.


In 1929 she recorded as The Mystery Girl for Columbia records as Anonymous, but was revealed to have been Kathryn Wright by dis-cographers. The recordings were Columbia Records crafty attempt to cash in on Kane's popularity as a rival to the victor company. The label issued four sides by a anonymous artist called The Mystery Girl. So few sides were released which suggests that this attempt to exploit Helen Kane's fame was not successful. Apart from recording for Columbia Records she also did two recordings for Victor Records.

May (1929)

N.Y, May 14,1929

July (1929)

N.Y, Jul 9, 1929


  • Kate Wright provided the least voice-overs for the cartoon character Betty, her early roles were in 1931-1933 and her last role as Betty was in 1938.
  • In 1937 Conway, the spy reported that Kathryn Wright, the original Betty Boop girl, appeared at Happy's Tavern on Myrtle Ave after a triumpihant tour of the West.


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