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Paramount Pictures was holding a contest for a girl with a squeaky voice for the role of the Cartoon character Betty Boop. Ann tried out for the role and had got the part. Ann Rothschild also made personal appearances as Betty Boop.


  • Ann classed herself as the "original" voice of Betty Boop which might be untrue as she was known to stretch the truth in her interviews, in reality Margie Hines was the original voice of Betty Boop.
  • In the 40's Ann was referred to as "Betty Werner", she wanted to use the name "Betty Boop" but Max Fleischer wouldn't let her.
  • During the $250000 Infringement lawsuit Ann testified against Helen Kane, stating that Betty Boop & her voice was not based upon Helen Kane, Little Ann Little told the court how Boop-Oop-a-Doop had started out as Ba-Da Inde-Do, which developed into Bo Do-De-O-Do and finally to Boop-Oop-a-Doop.
  • The court stenographers glowered as Ann little gave her account. Helen Kane's cousel asked Little Ann Little, who spoke through-out the trial in a Betty Boop voice:
    "Oh do you speak like that way at home"?
    Which was actually true because Ann actually spoke that way in real life, and the court heard Ann's Yes indeedy!
  • Ann played Betty Boop on stage and in person until the characters retirement.
  • Betty Boop was the only cartoon voice she could do becuse, although she tried to change her voice, it was so distinctive, that producers told her it would have easily been recognized.
  • After her husband died in 1948, Ann set up the "Betty Boop" School of Dancing in St Petersburg, to teach singing, dancing and elocution,Ann's most famous pupil was Carroll Baker who she taught for three years. Ann closed her School in 1951, and went to Fort Myers to set up a Christian Unity Church.
  • Ann Rothschild envied Mae Questel's fame and on several occasions when Questel was quoted as being the "original" Betty Boop, Ann responded.
  • In a 1975 interview for a newspaper article, Ann professed to being upset because others were wrongly getting credit for “being” Betty Boop.   To support her claims she quoted a letter written by Mike Lacy, then president of a Betty Boop Fan Club to radio host Tom Synder saying:
  •  Ann Rothschild: It has been called to my attention that Mae Questel appeared on your program Thursday, August 28, 1975.  She claimed to be the original voice of Betty Boop.  Mrs Ann L Rothschild has valid proof of being the “first” Betty Boop.
  • Ann complained in a story Fort Myers News Press about Mae Questel.  Ann conveniently forgot that she and Questel had appeared on stage together after the trial against Helen Kane.  Ann couldn't admit that any one else other than herself was Betty Boop. The 77-pound, 58 inch, orange-haired, blue-eyed ex-cartoon and vaudeville queen, sitting in her apartment was laughing with the soap opera games on televison, when the telephone rang and a friend told her he'd heard a lady on the tube the night before claiming to be the original Betty Boop. Small balls of fire started to burn in Ann Rothschilds eyes and heart.
  • Ann Rothschild: I'm upset, i'm tired of hearing about these ORIGINAL Betty Boop's and people around here thinking i'm a fraud.  I'm the original Betty Boop. I began doing boop-boop-a-doop songs when i was out on the road with the vaudeville shows. 
  • Ann Rothschild: My friend called me in late august to tell me he'd heard this Mae Questel on television. She's a little fat woman i met in Mr Fleischer's office a few times saying she was the original Betty Boop on the Tom Snyder show (NBC). I'm upset some people around here are beginning to think i'm a fraud. They go wisp, wisp wisping about me. It bothers me.



  • Ann Rothschild died in 1981 at the age of 71.

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