Helen "owes it all" to the mad Marx Brothers. Chico (the Italian one) saw her sitting in an agent's office after she had "sneaked away from school to be an actress" My mother didn't know or she'd have killed me". Helen not only acted as ingenue but as nursemaid for Groucho's and Chico's babies.  I'll bet i changed their diapers and wheeled their carriages in every city in the United States, said Helen.  The Marx Brothers were such devils but it was marvelous schooling they never stuck to lines, and if you could retain your sanity it was great training.  Groucho made me read good books, such as "Vanity Fair". Groucho you know has one of the most brilliant minds in the country. They used to drive us crazy. Once for a joke they said Zeppo had the smallpox and they vaccinated every girl in the show. I left them after the London incident. In those days i always chewed gum. Years later, when we met again i was chewing as usual and Groucho shouted "Hey, Kane, is that the same gum you had when you were with us?" They are devils but they are marvelous. Helen is rehearsing two new songs that you may be humming in a few months. One is "Nobody Wants the Key" and the other by Joe Keden is "I Could Love Him Just For That" Kane you bear it? 

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