Hollywood Hash (1930)Edit

Helen Kane, Paramount's baby-voiced singing star, claims just one culinary accomplishment, and that's Hollywood Hash, a delightful dish for a cold rainy day.

I'm not much of a cook, and as far back as i can remember i have never tried to sell anyone the idea of trusting their gastronomic requirements to me. The only time that i really take an interest in cooking is at lunch time on a rainy day. I may seem very strage to you. It does to me, too. Yet, it's a fact; and furthermore, on practically every ocasion of that kind i concoct the same dish. I call it "Hollywood Hash," for no other reason than it was in Hollywood that i made it. The beauty of Hollywood Hash as a mid-day meal on a cold rainy day, lies in the fact that it can be made from almost any kind of cold meat, and that, when cooked, provides a tasty, got meal. Use five pounds of hashed meat (hamberger steak, rumpsteak or corned beef make excellent hash). Fry it in one tablespoon of fat to get it started. Then remove from the frying pan and put into a roasting pan. With the fat that remains in the frying pan, brown a tablespon of flour and add to it one chopped onion. Let it fry slowly, adding one cup of water or stock. Then add to the meat in the roasting pan, with one or two pieces of chopped garlic to give it flavor. Let this cook slowly, about one hour, stirring frequently. Add one-half amount of diced raw potatoes. Salt and pepper to taste. Cook slowly another hour. Then add chopped parsley Leave the pan uncovered for the last twenty minutes of cooking. If cooked meat is used (corned beef, etc.) elminate the first hour's cooking. Add the potatoes to the meat, following the gravy. Hollywood Hash is not only extremely simple and cheap to make, but is also one of the tastiest mid-day meals to be found anywhere. I'm sure that your readers will enjoy both the making and the eating.

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