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Marjorie Babe Kane
Marjorie Babe Kane
Marjorie Babe Kane

Marjorie Babe Kane

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 Marjorie Kane (April 28, 1909 – January 8, 1992) was an American film actress. Babe Kane was one of the many Helen Kane impersonators, She appeared in 68 films from 1929 to 1951.


  • The Great Gabbo (1929)
  • Be Yourself (1930)
  • The Dentist (1932)
  • The Loud Mouth (1932)
  • Merrily We Live (1938)


  • Some sources claim that Marjorie Kane was related to Helen Kane, as a sister or a cousin, which is untrue, they both were not related, due to the fact that Helen had taken the name Kane from her first husband, Helen Kane's real first name was Schroeder.
  • It was often thought that Helen Kane played a ukulele, when in fact it was actually Babe Kane who was able to play a ukulele, Helen Kane sung about playing a ukulele.  


I Wanna Find A Boy - Marjorie 'Babe' Kane (1930)01:27

I Wanna Find A Boy - Marjorie 'Babe' Kane (1930)



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