Helen Kane, star of "Good Boy" who has put that play on the rocks in Boston by her abrupt departure last Tuesday telephoned the Actors Equity Association at noon today from the hotel where she is in hiding.  She was told that Equity could not go into the merits over her case over the telephone and was advised by a representative of Fran Gillmore to state her side of the case in a letter to be sent at once to Mr Gillmore.  Equilty received this morning a complaint against Miss Kane from Sam Hearn, a principal of the show, the closing of which will throw a cast of 75 out of work.

Meanwhile it was learned for the first thime today that Equity is going to extend its membership to the men and women in the talking pictures and there has been no effort to unionize the motion picture world, the actors not being regarded as "legit".  Miss Kane has a contract with Paramount-Famous-Lasky to make talking pictures, but Arthur Hammerstien, producer of "Good Boy" declares it is not effective until his contract with Miss Kane expires on June 1.

Left Without NoticeEdit

Miss Kane was confined at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Boston with a septic sore throat when she abrutly checked her baggage to ~New lork without giving any notice according to Mr. Hammerstien.

The show opened in Boston only four days before Miss Kane left, Mr Hammerstien will appeal, he says, not only to Equity but to the American Federation of Labor for redress, He added that the actors organization has "no power in the picture world" but said that since it was affiliated with the Federation of Labour he would go directly to the parent body in an effort to stop wholesale contract breaking.

Over Miss Kane is evident. Not only is her place of hiding been kept a secret by Equity but everyone connected with that organization is tight lipped about the matter. 

Managers ResentfulEdit

Mr Hammerstien will close "Good Boy" on Saturday night and sent it to the estorehouse. He expects to bring suit against the motion picture company. The managers of the legitimate shows are resentful against the big money offers the talkies are now giving as inducements to the actors and actresses and with 7quity following them into the motion picture world is evident that there will be a hot fight all down the line.

Helen Kane BroadwayEdit

Little was known of Helen Kane on Broadway until she appeared in "Good Boy". She was engaged by Mr. Hammerstien after scoring a slight hit last summer at the Paramount. She is known as the "baby talk girl". Mr Hammerstien said Miss Kane's sudden disappearance cost him $50,000.

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