New additions to the benedit performance to be given at the Metropolitan Opera House next Sunday evening in aid of the National Variety Artists sick fund include Will Osborne and his orchestra, Graham Higgins and Aunt Jemima. 

More than 200 stars of the stage and screen will participate in the how which brings to culmination nation-wide campaign to raise $1,020,000 for the sick and destitute memebers of the theatrical profession. 

Staged under the direction of S.L (Roxy) Rothafel, the following stars will appear,  Lester Allen, Paul Asch and his Paramount Theatre Orchestra,  Bele Baker, Jules Bledsoe, Phil Baker, Ben Blue, Trixie Friganza, Eddie Dowling, Horace Heidt and his Californians, Lou Holtz, Helen Kane, Four Marx Brothers, Jack Pearl, Pat Rooney, Sunshine Sammy, Joe Smith and Charles Dale, Sophie Tucker and Sammy White and Eva Puck.

A special feature will be broadcast by Amos 'N' Andy from Chicago.  This broadcast will be heard only in the Metropolitan Opera House and signalizes the first time these popular radio favorites will have one on the air on Sunday.

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