Nothing But The Truth
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Nothing But The Truth

Nothing But The Truth

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 Nothing But the Truth is a 1929 American sound comedy film starring Richard Dix, loosely adapted from the play by James Montgomery and the novel by Frederic S. Isham.


  • Robert Bennett.... Richard Dix
  • E. M. Burke .... Berton Churchill
  • Frank Connelly .... Louis John Bartels
  • Clarence Van Dyke .... Ned Sparks
  • Sabel Jackson .... Wynne Gibson
  • Mabel Jackson .... Helen Kane
  • Gwen Burke .... Dorothy Hall
  • Mrs. E. M. Burke .... Madeline Grey
  • Ethel Clark .... Nancy Ryan


Richard Dix is the junior partner in the brokerage firm of which Berton Churchill is the senior. Dix is in love with Dorothy Hall, Churchill's daughter. Dorothy has to raise $40,000 for a charity project. She has $10,000 to start with. Her father tells her if she will double the amount he will double $20,000, making her quota of $40,000. She tells Dix about this and gives him the $10,000 urging him to "play" it on the market so that it will yield a profit of $10,000. Dix takes the money. A few hours later Dix, Churchill, Bartels and Sparks are discussing truthfulness. Dix says that he can tell the truth for 24 hours. They take him up on it and Dix bets the 10,000 charity fund against a like amount put up by his acquiantances. The terms of the bet are that he must tell the truth on every question put to him from 4 o'clock that afternoon until 4 o'clock the next afternoon.In the evening the men go to a night-club. There they meet Helen Kane and Wynne Gibson, gold-digging sister act singers. Dix tells the truth when Helen asks who Churchill is, revealing him as a wealthy broker. The girls figure Churchill is their meat. They ask him to back a show for them. He stalls them. The club is raided. The girls and the men go to Churchill's home. Next day Dix is besieged with questions about the girls, who stayed in the garage all night. Churchill's wife learns from Dix that her husband had promised to back the girls' show. She is furious. More questions are asked of Dix, and he answers them all truthfully, getting everybody into trouble. Before the 24 hours are up he will have told his boss that he is an unscrupulous business-man and a "night-life hound". He also tells a beautiful singer that he thinks her singing is terrible. Dorothy asks him what he did the money. He manages to stall out of the answer without telling a lie. Dorothy asks him if he was in love before. He has to admit that he was, with a weight-lifting woman of the circus. He also has to admit that he was arrested. The men try to frame him into a lie so they will win the bet. He tells the truth and gets them all into worse jams. When four o'clock arrives Dix kisses the clock. He has won his money by telling the painful truth. At one minute after four he explains everything off by telling a dozen lies.



  • Helen Kane performs her hit novelty song Do Something as Mabel Jackson, at the end of the film, But in the Televised version her performance seems to be cut out, due to unknown reasons.

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