On the Screen


"Paramount On Parade"

Is Splendid Revue


Paramount** Revue with the whole

list of Paramount stars and featured

players, including /Maurice

Chevalier, Nancy Carroll, George

Bancroft, Clara Bow, William

Pov-11. Jack Oakie, Skeets Gallagher

and the rest. At the Rlalto

Theatre, Manhattan.



If you'll make a list of your choice-

.superlatives and scramble them

together, you'll get "Paramount Parade" for the answer and the

teacher Is sure to give you 100 on

the lesson.

Paramount has done something.

It, has assembled a revue that is

far and away the best to date. It

has fashioned entertainment that

speaks for Itself and needs very

little critical comment, no matter

how flowery that comment might be

"Paramount On Parade" starts

with rapid fire tempo and increases

speed as it moves along. There are

humorous skits in profusion. There

is some very nice wore in color and

there Is also some very tuneful music.

And, best of all, there isn't a

boring moment.

Chevalier Sings

Maurice Chevalier sings songs

and, with the assistance of Evelyn

Brent, presents his version of the

origin of the Apache dance. It's a

riot. His songs are: "Sweeping the

Clouds Away" and "All I Need Is

Just One Girl."

Buddy Rogers and Lillian Roth

really croon a tuneful ditty, "Anytime's

the Time to Fall in Love,"

accompanied by a perfectly swell

piece of production work.

Clara Bow reveals a surprising

voice in "True to the Navy" and

Jack Oakie and Zelma O'Neal combine

to bring forth the guffaws

with "I'm in Training for You."

Then George Bancroft presents

two versions of a party that will

make you chortle with glee and

chuckle with mirth. It'll even make

you laugh—out loud.. Nancy Carroll

sings and dances "Dancing to

Save Your Sole," behind a great

production with Abe Lyman and his

band in a shoe box.

Mitzi Green Fine

And if you haven't had enough

by this time, Helen Kane presents

her "Boop-boop-a-doop" school and

little Mitzi Grten gives an impression

of Charley Mack that's an epic.

Dinnis King tries hard but can

do little with the inferior song

given him. and a sketch, based on

the song, "Let's Drink lo the Girl of

My Dreams," is weak, notwithstanding

the presence of Gary Cooper,

Mary Brian, Richard Arlen and Fay

Wray, because the faking is badly

done. Those "two are the only inferior


This could go on and on but your

attention must be called to the

sketch in which Bill Powell takes

the part of Philo Vance, Clive Brent

is Sherlock Holmes, Warner Oland

is Dr. Fu Manchu (the insidious

one), and Eugene Pallette is Sergt.

Heath. And Harry Green is irresistible

as Isadore, the Toreador,

with Kay Francis as Carmen.

You'll want to see "Paramount On

Parade" and after seeing it, you'll

walk from the theatre with the feeling

that Paramount has a parade

well worth seeing. 

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