Seven outstanding figures of the stage and microphone, augmented by two orchestas and an 18-voice chorus will inaugurate the Pleasure Hour through an extensive National Broadcasting company network tonight from WJZ.

Heading the list of those presenting the program, which will be broadcast for an hour each Wednesday night starting at 8:30 o'clock will be Helen Kane, Doc Rockwell, Reinald Werrenrath, Willard Robison, Mary McCoy, Charles Previn and Billy Hughes.

The cast, with the orchestras and chorus rivaling the most elaborate Broadway revue, will present each week a complete musical show.

Miss Kane, to be guest artist of the initial offering, has boop-boop-a-dooped the new song hits so successfully in the past two years that she has been called Hollywood's Helen and Broadway's Sugar Kane.  She is a favorite with radio fans, theater-goers and movie patrons alike.  She is taking time from the making of a talking movie to appear in the program.

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