Pointed Heels
Pointed heels
Pointed Heels

Pointed Heels

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Plot Summary

Pointed Heels (1929) is an early sound musical film from Paramount Pictures starring William Powell, Helen Kane, Richard "Skeets" Gallagher, and Fay Wray. Helen Kane star's as Dot Nixon.

Millionaire producer Robert Courtland (William Powell) is secretly in love with Lora (Fay Wray) but Lora has just married Donald Ogden (Phillips Holmes), a serious composer who is writing a symphony. He receives a telegram from his mother, cutting off his allowance because of his marriage to a "chorus girl". He is in despair!!! He can't do anything else but compose!!! - so Lora goes back to the chorus line and they find a cheaper (much cheaper) apartment. Unfortunately, they live in the same building as Lora's brother and his wife ("Skeets" Gallagher and Dot Nixon aka Helen Kane), a low brow comedy team billed as Dot and Dash who are constantly fighting. They have an idea for a show and when Courtland visits Lora and Donald, Dot and Dash burst in and convince him to become their backer. He says yes but only if Lora is given a star part. He also gives Donald's music the spotlight (Donald has written a hit song "I Have to have you" ).

Lora and Donald's marriage is not going well and Courtland, who has never stopped carrying a torch for Lora, suggests that she leave Donald. He invites her to his mansion so she can kick up her heels but has a change of heart and puts a tipsy Lora to bed in a separate room. The inevitable happens - David visits Courtland, sees Lora's bag and gloves and immediately prepares to sail for Europe.

For the opening night Courtland gets Dot and Dash drunk, so they will put over the song in their old way - in rehearsals they had been singing it "too highbrow"!! Helen then performs the song in her own Boop-Boop-a-Doop singing style and surprisingly the show is a hit. Courtland, in a change of heart, brings Lora and David together for the fadeout!!!


  • Fay Wray as Lora Nixon
  • Richard Skeets Gallagher as Dash Nixon
  • Phillips Holmes as Donald Ogden
  • Eugene Pallette as Joe Carrington
  • Adrienne Dore as Kay Wilcox
  • Albertina Rasch Dancers as Themselves


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